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Scheduled week raid 1/18/2011
01/18/2011 11:00 AM by Seraphiel.

We will be raiding 25 Bastion of Twilight. the strats are in place, we just need to execute them. Raid will be started at 3:45 Server with early DKP bonus going out at 3:55pm. First pull at 4:00pm.

Early DKP : 3 points
DKP per hour: 2 points
DKP per boss kill: 2 Points
Iron man bonus (being present for 90% of the raid, including early timer): 3 points.

If we for call the raid, for lack of attendance, everyone in raid will be issued 10DKP. If you are out of zone for 2 consecutive time ticks, you lose your DKP for that hour. Ticks are 6 mins apart.


None yet.

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